How to Attract Hot Women Effortlessly – Even if You’re Just an Average Dude (Like Me)

Regular guys tend to miss important one important thing when flirting. It’s not a big thing, or even some special skill you have to study to learn. What is it? It’s confidence – and if you see yourself as just an “average” guy, then it’s something you have to get.

The only thing that’s holding you back is your own negative image of yourself. It is well within your reach to get any beautiful woman you desire if you can train yourself to feel confident and easy-going when you’re around the fairer sex. Below are three vital seduction methods you can use to get with hot women.

How To Attract Hot Women Effortlessly – 2 Tricks You Must Know

Trick #1. “Romantic Triggers.” Women are very romantic by nature. In order to get a woman to let down her emotional barriers, you need to know her romantic triggers. This is a must, because women aren’t interested in a guy who they can’t build an emotional rapport with.

The one thing that you have to watch out for when it comes to this approach is that you can’t appear more emotional than she is. That’s a definite turnoff. You want to set yourself up to be her pillar of strength and a stable shoulder for her to cry on. But just because you’re trying to connect doesn’t mean you should turn on the water works.

Trick #2. “Fractionation.” Here’s a secret that only the top pickup artists know: hypnotic seduction. What you have to do is get her to feel emotional while chatting with her so that she’s willing to go along with anything you want.

It’s possible to pull this off in just 15 minutes – it’s truly amazing. This tactic a powerfully effective way to manipulate romantically-inclined women… and can be used by any average guy out there.

How to Score With Hot Women

Every man’s dream is it to score at least once in his life with a hot woman. Yet there are men who do it all the time. These men have this kind of effect on women that pulls women naturally towards them. Many of them aren’t rich or handsome; they are just regular guys like all of us. However, they all have a “secret” that the rest is unaware of. So, what do these guys have what the rest doesn’t? What is their secret?

The secret of scoring hot women is actually pretty simple. If you want to have success with a woman, you need to know how to demonstrate higher value. This means, you have to show her that you are a guy who has high standards. You have to interact with a woman by not show her neediness or desperation – two biggest turn-offs for a woman. Also, you must refuse letting women affect your life by doing everything for them. Instead, you need to use your charm, confidence and humor to get the women you want. So, how do you get all these traits?

Some men are born with them, but not all. Many men have learned how to be confident, humorous, charming etc. by taking risks and approached, talked and seduced women just to try what works and what not. This is a thing you must learn as well, when you want to become like them. What makes them different from the rest is that they don’t care if they get rejected. If you let rejection affect your decisions (and your life), you are doomed from the start.

Men, who are successful with women get rejected all the time, even more than you. However, what makes them different is the ability to sweep it off and try again. If you want to be successful, you got to be prepared to get burned and learn from it. If you learn from your past mistakes, only then, you will have success with the opposite sex.

Also, keep in mind that rejection is just a part of a guy’s life who scores hot women. At the beginning he will be rejected most of the time. However, when he doesn’t let rejection dictate his behavior, it won’t happen that often anymore. So how to score hot women? Simple, just go out there and approach them by demonstrating high value and don’t let rejection affect you.

3 Ways Men Screw Up With Hot Women

Do you want to know about the ways men screw up with hot women so you can avoid them? Are you tired of wasting your chances? Do you want to keep her for good? Then stop screwing things up and be sensitive! There are tons of ways that a man screws up what he started with a woman-hot or not so hot, and these are absolute things that you should avoid, let alone get rid of, if you want to keep that relationship strong and fighting. Here are some of the ways men screw up with hot women:

Bad manners.

As with anyone else, good manners are important factors in trying to keep a good relationship and connection with a woman-this does not necessarily mean that you should go on acting like chivalrous knights on every date you go to-the key is doing away with jerky actions and being gentle and nice. Being rude to a woman would only take you as far as the interest level-maintain your stance in the relationship by being a gentleman.


One of the ways men screw up with hot women is being overly needy and clingy. Sure it is nice to show emotions from time to time, but this should be done in the right places and for the right reasons. If you go on being too clingy to a woman, you could very well kiss your relationship goodbye. Be a man! Don’t creep out your woman by being overly sensitive about little things.


While oversensitivity should be shunned away, being mindful of the feelings and needs of a woman should not be overlooked. Spending too much time doing your own thing and spending lesser time with your woman would only lead to a gap in your relationship. It is best to put a balance on every factor that keeps your bond as strong and to do away with the ways men screw up with hot women.